Focus, August 1990

Editor(s): Cecil Nurse   
Pages: 16, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #21

  Exercomp - Leigh Barlow   
  Exercomp - Daniel Buck   
  Exercomp - Ian Layden   
  Exercomp - Peter Lancaster   
  The Man Who Knew A Thing Or Two About Aliens (drabble) - Cecil Nurse   
  The Robots of Environment (drabble) - David Langford   

  Stuff - Cecil Nurse   
  A Room with a Desk - Colin Greenland   
  Ms Prep - David S. Garnett   
  Full Face - Keith Brooke   
  The Page - Margaret Atwood   
  Why I Write - Alison Mitchell   
  Why I Write - Pete Darby   
  Why I Write - Peter Tennant   
  The Word is: Mood - Alan Garside   
  Nuts + Bolts: Characterisation - Cecil Nurse   
  Notes from a Blue Pencil - Trevor Jones   

  Investigations - Alexander Popov    by uncredited

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