Focus, February 1990

Editor(s): Liz Holliday   
Pages: 12, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #19

  The More Things Change ... - Liz Holliday   

  At a Distance - S. V. O'Jay   

  $exercomp$ - uncredited   
  You can get there from here Or, Finding a place in the American market - Paul J. McAuley   
  Advance Notice - Cecil Nurse   
  Notes from Clarion - Karen Joy Fowler   
  Notes from Clarion - Gene Wolfe   
  Comments on "At a Distance" - Liz Holliday   
  Comments on "At a Distance" - Cecil Nurse   
  Reply to Comments on "Amphis Baena" - Barry Walter   
  Symbols - Barry Walter   
  Symbols - Terry Broome   
  Symbols - Theo Ross   
  More Vocation Than Vacation (Clarion) - Linda Markley   
  On Competitions - Angus McAllister   
  Review of Writers News No. 2, November 1989 - Liz Holliday   

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