Focus, December/January 1994

Editor(s): Julie Venner  Carol Ann Green   
Pages: 16, A4
Price: ?p
Notes: #27

  Through a telephoto lens, lightly ... - Julie Venner  Carol Ann Green   

  Dragon in the Flower - Neal Asher   
  More Than Just a Non-Stick Frying Pan: A Dialogue - John Madracki   
  Maze (drabble) - Tanya Brown   
  Moondust Memories (drabble) - Laurence Day   
  Bad Deal (drabble) - Alan Kitch   
  Mantis (drabble) - David Piper   
  Few Good Reasons,A (drabble) - Andrew J. Fielding   
  Final Course,The (drabble) - Brian Maycock   

  Expatriation - Nicola Griffith   
  'Quotes from Anon' - John Madracki   
  Forum: The effect of political & etc. influences on sf writers - Gwyneth Jones   
  Forum: You know, you might as well give up now - Andrew M. Butler   
  Forum: Politics, Culture, Autobiography - What Responsibilities have We? - Justina Robson   
  Forum: Thinking Out of the Box - Stephen Baxter   
  Forum: Do SF Writers have any responsibility at All? - David Piper   
  Forum: Show and Tell - Nicholas Royle   
  Matching Slang - John Madracki   
  Research - Helen Claire Gould   
  Writing from a Sample Space of One - Sandy Fleming   
  Market Information - uncredited   

  Stepping Stones - Sandy Fleming   

  Dr Greenland's Prescription - Colin Greenland   

   - Justina Robson   
   - Sandy Fleming   
   - Andrew J. Fielding   
   - Andrew M. Butler   
   - John Madracki   

   - John Light   
   - Steve Jeffery   
   - Julie Venner   
   - Mark Brandon   
   - The Rev. Theola Belluse Devin   
   - Ian Bell   
   - John Madracki   
   - Carolyn Horn   

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