Focus, December/January 1995

Editor(s): Julie Venner  Carol Ann Green   
Pages: 16, A4
Price: ?p
Cover: Steve Jeffery
Notes: #29

  Through a telephoto lens, lightly ... - Julie Venner  Carol Ann Green   

  Pearls Before Swine - Caroline Dunford   
  Pain of Death (drabble) - Sandy Fleming   
  Summoner (drabble) - Tanya Brown   

  Self-Censorship: the three dots ... - Sue Thomas   
  Poetry Competition Judge's Decision - Storm Constantine   
  Forum: Writer's Workshops - Brian Stableford   
  Forum: Workshops - Pam Baddeley   
  Forum: Workshops - Stuart Falconer   
  Forum: Thoughts on Workshops - Steve Gallagher   
  Forum: Writers' Workshops: the Good, the Bad, and the Utterly Impossible - Cherith Baldry   
  Forum: Writers Workshops - Sue Thomason   
  Forum: Writers' Workshops - Howard Watts   
  Forum: A Writing Workshop Nightmare - Graham Joyce   
  Writing for Adults vs. Writing for Children - Sherwood Smith   
  Research - Howard Watts   

   - Steve Jeffery   
   - Mark Plummer   
   - Howard Watts   

  Red Eye - Chris Morgan   
  Blink - Chris Morgan   
  Killing Lizards - Mike Mason   

  Dr Greenland's Prescription - Colin Greenland   

   - Ian Gunn   
   - Julie Venner   
   - Ian Bell   
   - Steve Jeffery   
   - Dover Publications   
   - Carolyn Horn   
   - Rev. Theola Belluse Devin   

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