Focus, September/October 1996

Editor(s): Julie Venner  Carol Ann Green   
Pages: 20, A4
Price: ?p
Notes: #30

  Through a telephoto lens, lightly ... - Julie Venner  Carol Ann Green   

  The Nostradamus Widow - Howard Watts   
  Inside Clarissa - David Weston   

  Notes from Fantasyland - David Langford   
  Forum: Aliens and Other Animals: Creating Aliens - Brian Stableford   
  Forum: Aliens and Other Animals: Who Needs Aliens? - Ian Sales   
  Forum: Aliens and Other Animals: Sea - Tess Williams   
  Forum: Aliens and Other Animals: Aliens as animals - K. V. Bailey   
  Forum: Aliens and Other Animals: Walls, Mirrors, Pussy-Cats and Assorted Vegetables - Ian McDonald   
  Forum: Aliens and Other Animals: Exploring the Alien Psyche - Riaz Hussain   
  What a Tangled Web We Weave: An Introduction to the WWW for Writers - Andrew M. Butler   
  Marketing the Fruits of Your Labour - uncredited   

   - Roy Gray   
   - Geoff Cowie   
   - Sandra Unerman   
   - John Howard   
   - Roy Gray   

  Dr Greenland's Prescription - Colin Greenland   

  After Long Years Alone Awake - Steve Sneyd   
  In Praise of Science Fiction - Elizabeth Counihan   
  G - Nancy Bennett   
  In Praise of Fantasy - Elizabeth Counihan   
  Evolving with Age - Nancy Bennett   
  Discussing Death, Deviance and Diners OR Let Sleeping Logs Die - Andrew Darlington   

   - Ian Gunn   
   - Julie Venner   
   - Steve Jeffery   
   - Jenny Groantender   
   - Ian Bell   
   - Heigho Dwerrystane   

Book Reviews by Andrew Darlington
  Flights from the Iron Moon: Genre Poetry in the UK Fanzines and Little Magazines - Steve Sneyd   

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