Matrix, January/February 2002

Editor(s): Gary Wilkinson   
Pages: 20, A4
Price: 2.25
Cover: Gary Wilkinson
Notes: #153

  The Earth Moved - Gary Wilkinson   
  Sig - Gary Wilkinson   

  News - Janet Barron  Gary Wilkinson   
  Flicker: Movie News - Gary Wilkinson   
  Coming to a Shelf Near You - Janet Barron   
  Resonances (Kim Stanley Robinson's new book, The Years of Rice and Salt (HarperCollins, March 2002)) - Stephen Baxter   
  PULPitations (Trends in Cognitive Sciences; The FIX) - Glenda Pringle   
  An Ironing Board on a Duck Pond: Two Danish Pastries - Martin Sketchley   
  BSFA Awards: And the Winner Is - Tanya Brown   
  Checkpoint (Novacon, Worldcon 2005) - Steve Green   
  Events - Gary Wilkinson   
  Groups - Gary Wilkinson   
  Out of Focus: The View from the Hill - Simon Morden   
  JO's Timewasters (Competition 153; Results of 151) - John Ollis   

Film Reviews
  Every child in our world will know his name (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) - Gary Wilkinson   
  Exterminate! (The Davros Boxed Set) - Gary Wilkinson   
  That was truly diabolical (Dr Terrible's House of Horrible; Buffy: The Vampire Slayer; Urban Gothic) - Gary Wilkinson   
  Atomic (Copenhagen) - Gary S. Dalkin   

  The BSFA's Magazine Chain - Barbara Davies   
  Replies to Barbara Davies - Elizabeth Billinger   
  SF mags availability - Mark Plummer   

  Josh Kirby 1928 - 2001 - Gary Wilkinson   
  Jim Frances 1954 - 2001 - Gary Wilkinson   
  Unconventional: Back From Utopia (Again) Utopiales 2001 - Andy Sawyer   

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