Matrix, May/June 2004

Editor(s): Martin McGrath   
Pages: 28, A4
Price: 2.25
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #167

  Welcome - Martin McGrath   

  Rage Against the... abuse of science - Neal Asher   
  News - Martin McGrath  Claire Brialey  Denis Jackman   
  Flicker (Film/TV News) - Martin McGrath   
  World of Science - Roderick Gladwish   
  Goggle Boxes - Martin McGrath   
  Foundation Favourites, Number 8: Odd John by Olaf Stapledon - Andy Sawyer   
  Pulpitations (Postscripts; Midnight Street) - Roderick Gladwish   
  Resonances: Rocketmen - Stephen Baxter   
  An Ironing Board on a Duck Pond: The doctor will see you now (John Jarrold) - Martin Sketchley   
  Checkpoint: A sense of wander - Mark Plummer   
  BSFA Awards: Once more with feeling... - Claire Brialey   
  Conventional news (Conventions) - uncredited   
  Fan zones - Del Cotter   
  Competition 167 - John Ollis   
  Crossword 167 - Martin McGrath   

   - Sue Thomason   
   - Steve Jeffery   
   - Mike Brain   

Film Reviews
  Memories are unmade of this (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) - Martin McGrath   
  Dead from the neck up (Dawn of the Dead) - Martin McGrath   
  Zombie nation (Shaun of the Dead) - Martin McGrath   
  Scarey movies? (Secret Window; Gothika) - Martin McGrath   
  Out of Toon (Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed; Looney Tunes: Back in Action) - Martin McGrath   
  Return to Middle Earth (The Return of the King) - Gary Wilkinson   
  Reboot camp (Soldier) - Denis Jackman   
  Tapes from the Crypt: The Sticky Fingers of Time - Martin McGrath   
  Bubbaling under (Bubba Ho-Tep) - Martin McGrath   
  Daemons return (Daemos Rising) - Stuart Maddison   
  Big boy scout (Smallville) - Martin McGrath   

  Afterthoughts - Peter Crowther   
  Robert Merle 1908 - 2004 - Martin McGrath   
  Sir Peter Ustinov 1921 - 2004 - Steve Green   

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