Matrix, May/June 2005

Editor(s): Tom Hunter  Claire Weaver  Martin McGrath   
Pages: 32, A4
Price: 2.25
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #173

  Welcome - Claire Weaver   
  On Building a Fantastical City - Jeff VanderMeer   

  BSFA News: All Change Please - Tom Hunter   
  Star Wars Generation - Tom Hunter   

  News - Claire Weaver  Martin McGrath  Tom Weaver   
  World of Science - Roderick Gladwish   
  Flicker (Film/TV News) - Martin McGrath   
  Foundation Favourites, Number 14: Metropolis - Thea Von Harbou - Andy Sawyer   
  Mediatations - Martin McGrath   
  Pulpitations: Mind the Gush (The Infinite Matrix; The Martian Wave; Star Wars Magazine) - Roderick Gladwish   
  Resonances: Back from the Dead - Stephen Baxter   
  Attack of the E-Clones, Revenge of the Sites - Martin Sketchley   
  BSFA Awards: A Very Good Year - Claire Brialey   
  Rage Against... readers! - Colin Brush   
  Crossword 173; Use Your Force... - Martin McGrath   

Film Reviews
  Walk Down the Right Back Alley... (Sin City) - Martin McGrath   
  Hell and Damnation (Constantine) - Martin McGrath   
  Seven Days (The Ring Two) - Samantha Corvin   
  Moving and Magical (Howl's Moving Castle) - Martin McGrath   
  Wired or Tired? (Robots) - Martin McGrath   
  Slap Up Chopsocky (Kung Fu Hustle) - Martin McGrath   
  Go West (The Big Empty) - John Hunter   
  Jolly Green Giant (Save the Green Planet) - Martin McGrath   
  Cloning Around (The Clone Wars) - Martin McGrath   

  Warning: Contains Language - Karen Traviss    by Liz Williams

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