Matrix, July/August 2006

Editor(s): Tom Hunter  Claire Weaver  Martin McGrath   
Pages: 32, A4
Price: 2.25
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #180

  Moving pictures - Martin McGrath   

  Words of Wisdom - Jon Courtenay Grimwood   
  Where do we go from here? - Tom Hunter   
  Holding the Fort - Ian James Kidd   

  News - Claire Weaver  Martin McGrath  Tom Weaver   
  World of Science - Roderick Gladwish   
  Resonances: Objects of desire - Stephen Baxter   
  Flicker (Film/TV News) - Martin McGrath   
  Seduction of the Innocent: Comic Reviews - James Bacon   
  Rage Against... fan-made movies - Lon S. Cohen   
  Foundation Favourites, Number 21: A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsey - Andy Sawyer   

  The Aesthetic of the Mundane - Christopher Campbell    by Tom Hunter

Film Reviews
  A Scanner smartly (A Scanner Darkly) - Martin McGrath   
  Miike turns out Yokai (Goblin Wars) - Martin McGrath   
  Wet but wonderful (Lady in the Water) - Martin McGrath   
  The Golem returns (Superman Returns) - Martin McGrath   
  Running man (District B13) - Martin McGrath   
  Click clunks (Click) - Martin McGrath   
  Jack's back (Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl) - Martin McGrath   
  Ex-rated (My Super Ex-Girlfriend) - Martin McGrath   
  Contrasting futures (Renaissance) - Martin Lewis   
  Angel-A, Movie-F (Angel-A) - Martin McGrath   
  Race relations (Cars) - Martin McGrath   
  Goonie squad (Monster House) - Martin McGrath   
  Whistling Dixie (CSA: Confederate States of America) - Martin McGrath   
  And the rest... (The Da Vinci Code, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Lake House, The Omen) - Martin McGrath   
  Fan-tastic? - Anonymous   
  A Rose by any other name (Dr Who, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica, The Triangle) - Charles Christian   

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