Matrix, March/April 2006

Editor(s): Tom Hunter  Claire Weaver  Martin McGrath   
Pages: 32, A4
Price: 2.25
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #178

  Words of Wisdom - Octavia E. Butler   
  Two million words and counting - Keith Brooke   
  Lost - Claire Weaver   
  Found - Tom Hunter   

  World of Science - Roderick Gladwish   
  Foundation Favourites, Number 19: Amazing futures - Andy Sawyer   
  News - Claire Weaver  Martin McGrath  Tom Weaver   
  Resonances: Pilots of our future - Stephen Baxter   
  Everybody is kung fu fighting! (John Meaney) - Martin Sketchley   
  Fandom: Remembering a "right guy" (Ken Bulmer) - Mark Plummer   
  Flicker (Film/TV News) - Martin McGrath   
  Seduction of the Innocent: Comic Reviews - James Bacon   
  Rage Against... Hades Wholesalers - Liz Williams   

Film Reviews
  Broken mirror (Mirrormask) - Martin McGrath   
  Not evil, just bad (Evil Aliens) - Martin McGrath   
  In America, only the president is scary (The Fog, Final Destination 3, Hostel) - Martin McGrath   
  Darwin was wrong (Underworld Evolution) - Martin McGrath   
  Underground movement (The Descent) - Martin McGrath   
  Ultimately futile (Ultimate Avengers) - Martin McGrath   
  Ring's furry tales (The Sword of Xanten) - Mike Brain   
  Televison invasion (Dr Who, Life on Mars, Hyperdrive, Johnny and the Bomb, Eleventh Hour - Charles Christian   

  Freaks going global - Robert Curley    by James Bacon

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