Matrix, April 1977

Editor(s): Tom A. Jones   
Pages: 44, A4
Cover: David V. Lewis
Notes: #11

  Misen - Tom A. Jones   

  A Brief Exchange - James Baen    by David Wingrove

  Record Review: Jack Lancaster & Robin Lumley - Marscape - Noel Chidwick   
  Record Review: Vangelis - Albedo 0.39 - Noel Chidwick   
  TV Sci-Fic Monthly: A Review - Derek Harkness   
  "Heinlein = Fascist", Debunked - Cyril Simsa   
  In the Depths: Fanzines Under the Microscope: Maya - David Wingrove   
  SF and Music - Jim Darroch   
  Bookshops: Bookshop in Bolton - Bernard   
  Bookshops: The Forever People - Richard Harthill   
  Bookshops: Bonus Books - Alison Lowe   
  Bookshops: Jim Hughes - Neil Roberts   
  Bookshops: Oxford; Swindon; Penn - Phil Stephensen-Payne   
  Bookshops: Cheltenham - Graham Poole   
  British Fandom's Art Portfolio - Paul A. Ryan   
  Obituary of I. O. Evans - uncredited   
  Report on Tangent - Ian Garbutt   
  News - Newshounds of the BSFA   
  The Prozines Viewed: Analog February 1977 - Terry Jeeves   
  The Prozines Viewed: Isaac Asimov's March 1977 - Terry Jeeves   
  The Prozines Viewed: Galileo 1 - Roger Waddingham   
  The Prozines Viewed: Vortex 2 - Roger Waddingham   
  Vortex No. 1 - Under the Whip - david Cobbledick   
  Round the Clubs - David Cobbledick   
  Book News - uncredited   
  BSFA News - uncredited   
  Response to Keith Walker's Review of Matrix - Tom A. Jones   

  Fallible Freeman Freaking Out on Favourite Fanzines - Keith Freeman   
  SF Media News - Graham Poole   

Film Reviews
  Fantastic Journey - Derek Harkness   

   - Cyril Simsa   
   - David Langford   
   - John C. Kerr   
   - Keith Barnfather   
   - Alison Lowe   
   - Peter Nicholls   
   - Gwynfor Jones   
   - Andy Sawyer   
   - Paul Lynch   
   - Colin Bateman   
   - Derek A. Harkness   
   - Elaine Walsh   
   - Trev Briggs   
   - Brian R. Tawn   
   - Brian Tucker   
   - Andrew Muir   
   - Keith Freeman   
   - Sam Stafford   
   - Robert Heath   
   - John C. Kerr   
   - Richard Seals   
   - David Wingrove   
   - Phil Stephensen-Payne   
  Why I left the BSFA - Joseph Nicholas   
  The Proofreader Replies - David Cobbledick   

   - David V. Lewis   
   - Derek Harkness   
   - Jim Barker   

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