Matrix, December 1977

Editor(s): Andy Sawyer   
Pages: 34, A4
Cover: Jim Barker
Notes: #15

  Jackson's Island - Andy Sawyer   

  Vice-Chairman's Report - Tom A. Jones   
  Futureworlds: SF on Tyneside - Rob Carter   
  Record Review: Flash Fearless Versus the Zorgwomen Parts 5 & 6 - David Strahan   
  Record Review: The King of Elfland's Daughter - Tom A. Jones   
  Science Fiction in Canada, Part 2 - Dan Farr   
  The "Who Gets What Where" Questionnaire Results - Andy Sawyer   
  Opinion: "The Voyage of the Space Beagle": A Short Critique - Steev Higgins   
  News - Newshounds of the BSFA   
  Prozine Perusals: F&SF October 1977 - David Strahan   
  Prozine Perusals: Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine Fall 1977 - Roger Waddington   

  The Fruit Machine - Andrew Muir   
  Escape - Steve Cowperthwaite   
  The Vitreous Edifice - Steev Higgins   

  Adam the Antigen - Cyril Simsa   

  Round the Clubs: Norwich - David Cobbledick   
  Fallible Freeman on Fanzines - Keith Freeman   

   - Charles Brenchley   
   - Tom A. Jones   
   - T. W. Francis   
   - Dave Lewis   
   - Simon R. Green   
   - Andy Pratt   
   - Phil Rosenblum   
   - David Cobbledick   
   - Keith Freeman   
   - Paul Fraser   
   - Mark Adlard   
   - James Corley   
   - Steev Higgins   

   - Terry Jeeves   
   - Richard Searls   
   - Derek A. Harkness   

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