Matrix, October 1977

Editor(s): Andy Sawyer   
Pages: 30, A4
Cover: David V. Lewis
Notes: #14

  Jackson's Island - Andy Sawyer   

  BSFA News - uncredited   
  Editor's Foreword from Gongo of Ganymede by Len Carter - Phil Rosenblum   
  Review of Oh Mother! You'll Never Believe This by Bob Wilson - Jim Barker   
  Review of 2000AD - Jim Barker   
  Review of 2000AD - Brian Rendell   
  Prozine Perusals: F&SF June 1977 - David Strahan   
  Prozine Perusals: Cosmos September 1977; Unearth Spring & Summer 1977 - Don Farr   
  News - Newshounds of the BSFA   
  SF Plans for Tyneside - Rob Carter   
  Opinion - D. W. Wilson   

  10th May 1977 - Peter Nicholls    by Trevor Briggs

  Voices - Andy Darlington   
  Space Exploration - I. O. Evans   
  Failure - Keith M. Warwick   

  Round the Clubs: OUSFG; Cheltenham - David Cobbledick   
  Fallible Freeman.....Fiendish or Friendly? - Keith Freeman   

   - Phil Stephensen-Payne   
   - Steve Cowperthwaite   
   - Roy Jackson   
   - Simon R. Green   
   - Keith M. Warwick   
   - Gwynfor Jones   
   - David Cobbledick   
   - Richard Bancroft   
   - Roy Gray   
   - Martin MacGilp   
   - Andy Darlington   
   - Derek A. Harkness   

   - Ian Jones   
   - John Ingham   
   - Derek Harkness   
   - Lorraine   

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