Matrix, June 1978

Editor(s): Andy Sawyer   
Pages: 30+4, A4
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #18

  Jackson's Island - Andy Sawyer   

  Distant Encounters: A series of Three Dimensional plays - David Wingrove   
  Sonic SF: Kraftwerk 'The Man-Machine' - James Parker   
  Sonic SF: Frankenstein Unbound; A Listen for Pleasure reading by Brian Aldiss of his own novel - David Wingrove   
  News - Newshounds of the BSFA   
  Competition Time - Andy Sawyer   
  The BSFA File - Tom A. Jones   

   - Terry Jeeves    by Dave Cobbledick

  Media Notes - Martin Hatfields   
  What Are They Doing? - Paul Fraser   
  Round the Clubs (Leicester) - Bill Little   

   - Steve Howkins   
   - Bill J. Fraser   
   - Martin MacGilp   
   - Terry Park   
   - James T. Parker   
   - T. W. Francis   
   - Bill Little   
   - Lester Hannington   
   - Dave Cobbledick   
   - Richard Bancroft   
   - Ian Garbutt   
   - Mark Dunn   
   - Steev Higgins   
   - Simon R. Green   
   - Alison Lowe   
   - Mic Rogers   
   - Paul Fraser   
   - Alex Pillai   
   - Don West   

   - David Wingrove   
   - Derek Harkness   

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