Matrix, June/July 1980

Editor(s): John Harvey  Eve Harvey   
Pages: 48, A4
Cover: Jim Barker
Notes: #30

   - John Harvey   

  Eau de Clone (SeaCon '79) - Bob Shaw   
  Competition: Notes on 'Puzzle for Xenologists' - David Langford   
  Competition - uncredited   
  Judge Dredd v. Dan Dare - Rob Hansen   

  Life on Mars (TC47M; Exeter University; Harrow; Warwick; Solihull; Colchester; Jersey; Belfast; Dundee; How To Do It) - Simon Ounsley   
  On the Carpet - Rob Jackson   
  The Chairman's Guide to Travelling Britain - Alan Dorey   
  News of the SF World - uncredited   

Film Reviews
  The Bleep Goes On: some comments on The Empire Strikes Back - Chris Evans   

   - James Corley   
   - David Watkins   
   - Roger Whittington   
   - Paul Smith   
   - Roy Gray   
   - Chuck Connor   
   - Kenneth Walton   
   - Philip J. Wright   
   - William T. Goodall   
   - Arnold Akien   

   - Terry Jeeves   
   - Ashley Walker   
   - Rob Hansen   

Comic Strip
  The Captive - Jim Barker   

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