Matrix, December 1983

Editor(s): Simon Polley   
Pages: 24, A4
Cover: Shep
Notes: #50

  My Life in a Forest of Nettles (or How I Grew Up?) - Simon Polley   

  News & Views - uncredited   
  Matrix Questionnaire: Comments & Confusions - Tom A. Jones   
  A Nearly In-Depth Analysis - Simon Polley   
  Review of "Somewhere Else", a Radio 4 Play by Gilly Fraser - Philip Nichols   
  Competition #48 Results - David Langford   
  Competition #50 - David Langford   

Film Reviews
  Malevil - Simon Ings   
  Blue Thunder - Philip Collins   

   - David R. Smith   
   - Steve Ealey   
   - Sue Thomason   
   - Allan Lloyd   
   - Joseph Nicholas   

   - Atom   
   - Nik   

Book Reviews by David Langford
  Fanzines in Theory and in Practice: Collected Articles 1976-82 - D. West   

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