Matrix, August/September 1984

Editor(s): Chris Hughes   
Pages: 24, foolscap?
Cover: Pete Lyon
Notes: #54

  Hello, Goodbye - Chris Hughes   

  Thoughts of the Chairman Now - Alan Dorey   

  Conrep? We Don Need No Steenkin' Conrep! - Alex Stewart   
  Eastercon? Schmeastercon! What does it matter as long as you enjoy yourself? - Ian Sorensen   
  A Few Thoughts on Eastercon - Marion van der Voort   
  Contravention Poll Results - Chris Hughes   
  Dare to Dredd: a look at the British comics scene - Jonathan Cowie   
  Media News - Alan Dorey  Chris Hughes  Krystyna Oborn   
  Books & Writers - Chris Hughes  Malcolm Edwards  David Langford  Alan Dorey   
  Obituaries (A. Bertram Chandler; Charles G. Finney) - David Langford   

  Competition M53, M54 - David Langford   
  Clubs Update (Birmingham, Bolton, Croydon, Chester, Glasgow, Lancaster, Norwich, Reading) - uncredited   
  New Forms of Addiction: Fanzine Reviews - Sue Thomason   

Film Reviews
  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Colin Greenland   
  Transmigration of Timothy Archer,The (theatre) - Judith Hanna   
  Videos (Brainstorm; The Twilight Zone; Metalstorm) - Colin Bird   
  Slaughterhouse Five (TV) - Simon Ings   

  New-look Matrix;BSFA Awards - Jack D. Stephen   
  New-look Matrix;BSFA Awards - Sue Thomason   
  New-look Matrix;O Alien - Dorothy Davies   
  New-look Matrix - Stephen O'Kane   
  New-look Matrix - Roger Waddington   
  New-look Matrix - Mark Greener   
  New-look Matrix - Ken Lake   
  BSFA Awards;Civil liberties - Peter Cohen   
  Fan fiction - Bernard Smith   
  Fan fiction - Margaret Hall   
  Nuclear debate - Malcolm Edwards   
  New-look Matrix;Nuclear debate - Simon D. Ings   
  New-look Matrix;Nuclear debate - David R. Smith   
  O Alien - Anthony Bloomfield   
  Crampton/Nicholas - Michael J. King   

   - Iain Byers   
   - Alex Prentice   

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