Matrix, June/July 1984

Editor(s): Alan Dorey  John Harvey  Eve Harvey   
Pages: 30, A4
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #53

  Matrix News - Alan Dorey   
  News - uncredited   
  BSFA Awards Announced at Seacon '84 - Joseph Nicholas   
  BSFA Award Rules OK? - Joseph Nicholas   
  Reply to Joseph Nicholas - Eve Harvey   
  A New Look for Matrix? - John Harvey   
  A Tale of Two Cities (Seacon '84, Tynecon II) - Eve Harvey   
  Money Matters - Tom Taylor   

  Competition Corner - David Langford   
  New Forms of Addiction: Fanzine Reviews - Lilian Edwards   

Film Reviews
  Videodrome - Tom Wiltshire   
  The Dead Zone - Philip Collins   
  Facelift (TV) - Terry Broome   
  O Alien (TV) - Simon Ings   
  Bill the Galactic Hero (R4); Quatermass (TV) - Matthew Shackle   

   - Mark Greener   
   - Jeremy Crampton   
   - Terry Pyle   
   - Hilary Robinson   
   - Nigel Richardson   
   - Trevor Mendham   
   - Graham Smith   
   - Andy Sawyer   
   - Joseph Nicholas   
  Reply to Joseph Nicholas - Eve Harvey   
   - Michael King   
   - Bob Shaw   
   - Simon D. Ings   

   - E. W. Puddicombe   
   - Margaret Wellbank   
   - Pete Crump   
   - Harry Bell   

Comic Strip
   - Nik Morton   

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