Matrix, April/May 1985

Editor(s): Dave Hodson   
Pages: 24, A4
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #58

   - Dave Hodson   

  Thoughts of the Chairman Now - Alan Dorey   
  Annual General Meeting Notes - Eve Harvey   
  Unconventional! - uncredited   
  Tynecon II / The Mexicon - a factual account ... or, My first ever con..., or, How SF ruined my love life - Martin Hewitson   
  How to kill the B.S.F.A. in eleven easy stages - uncredited   
  Yorcon III - John Harvey  Eve Harvey   
  Future Gaming: The Ugly American - a review of Twilight 2000 - Marcus L. Rowland   
  Philip Collins - A Reply - Dave Barrett   
  Billion Year Crossword - Simon Walker  Chris Carne   

  Round the Clubs - Trevor Mendham   
  Fanzine Reviews - Sue Thomason   

Film Reviews
  Morons from Outer Space - Mark Greener   
  The Terminator - Mark Greener   
  2010 - Roy Macinski   
  2010 - Hussain Mohamed   
  Max Headroom - Terry Broome   
  Venus Smiles (R4) - Matthew Shackle   

  Invasion of the Scargills - Iain Byers   

   - Peter Pinto   
   - Steven Tew   
   - Nigel E. Richardson   
   - Jane Reynolds   
   - Miss S. Hander   
   - Joseph Nicholas   
   - Chris Bailey   
   - Terry Broome   
   - Dorothy Davies   
   - Alex Prentice   

  Dan Dar - Alex Prentice   
   - Paul Ward   

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