Matrix, December/January 1985

Editor(s): Dave Hodson   
Pages: 16, A4
Cover: Paul Ward
Notes: #62

   - Dave Hodson   

  Book and Other News - Dave Hodson   
  GoH Speech from Novacon 15 - James White   
  James White Bibliography - Rog Peyton   
  The Comic Review: News - Dave Hodson   
  Unconventional! Beccon 85 - Maureen Porter   
  Novacon Fifteen - Dave Hodson   
  SF: The 100 Best Novels, at the ICA - Dave Hodson   
  Review of Shock Xpress 1 & 2 - Dave Hodson   
  Review of Gothique 20th Anniversary Issue - Dave Hodson   
  Competition Corner - Elizabeth Sourbut   
  Billion Year Crossword No. 4 - Simon Walker  Chris Carne   

Film Reviews
  Phenomena by Phenomena (LP) - Kevin McVeigh   
  Ladyhawke - uncredited   

  Inky Fingers - John Harvey   

   - Hussain Mohamed   
   - Ken Lake   

Comic Strip
  Timothy - Paul Ward   

   - Paul Ward   
   - Alex Prentice   
   - Dave Baldock   

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