Matrix, February 1985

Editor(s): Dave Hodson   
Pages: 20, A4
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #57

  The Matrix Editorial Version Number 2 - Dave Hodson   

  Thoughts of the Chairman Now - Alan Dorey   
  Bye-Bye BSFA - Philip Collins   

  The Comic Review - uncredited   
  Media News - uncredited   
  Convention News - uncredited   
  Future Gaming - Dave Hodson   
  Fanzine Reviews - Sue Thomason   

Film Reviews
  A Celluloid Maya: The SF of the 28th London Film Festival - Mark Greener   
  Dune - Andy Sawyer   
  Dreamscape - Colin Bird   
  The Goon Show: "Nineteen Eighty-Five" - Philip Nichols   
  Titus Groan & Gormenghast - Matthew Shackle   
  This is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic - Steven Hubbard   

   - Stuart Falconer   
   - Dorothy Davies   
   - Stewart Morri   
   - Philip Nichols   
   - Andy Sawyer   
   - Dave Kelly   
   - Marcus L. Rowland   
   - C. R. Laker   
   - Martyn Taylor   
   - Bernard Smith   

   - Alex Prentice   
   - Dave Hodson   

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