Matrix, December/January 1986

Editor(s): Maureen Porter   
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Cover: Arthur Thomson
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  Red Shift - Maureen Porter   

  Walking on Glass: The BSFA Column - Maureen Porter   
  News - Maureen Porter  Paul Kincaid   
  The Periodic Table - Maureen Porter   

  The BSFA Profile: Paul Kincaid - Paul Kincaid   
  The BSFA Profile: Sandy Brown - Sandy Brown   
  1986 BSFA Awards: Breakdown of Final Ballot Voting - Mike Moir   
  Manorcon - 11th-13th July, Birmingham University - Joy Hibbert   
  Consept - 8th-10th August, Guildford - Mike Christie   
  Koancon - 22nd-24th August, Warwick University - David Langford   
  Olaf Stapledon Centenary Colloquium - 26th-28th August, Liverpool University - Andy Sawyer   
  Olaf Stapledon Centenary Colloquium - 26th-28th August, Liverpool University - K. V. Bailey   
  Fantasycon XI - 26th-28th September, Birmingham - Maureen Porter   
  The Milford SF Writers Conference - 29th September-5th October, Milford-On-Sea - Diana Wynne Jones   
  Thunderbirds' 21st Birthday Convention - 4th October, London - Stan Nicholls   
  Novacon 16 - 31st October-2nd November, Coventry - Kevin McVeigh   
  The Cassandra Workshop 1986 - U. E.   
  Whatever happened to Cassandra? - Bernard Smith   

Film Reviews
  Aliens - Roy Gray   
  Day of the Dead - Colin Bird   
  Explorers - uncredited   
  Starlight Express (theatre) - Roy Gray   
  The Twilight Zone Volumes 3 & 4 - Phil Nichols   

   - Simon Nicholson   
   - Cy Chauvin   
   - Jon Wallace   
   - Kev McVeigh   
   - P. T. Ross   
   - Ken F. Slater   
   - Michael R. A. Cobley   
   - Trevor Bone   

   - Neil Allan   
   - Stephen Manderson   
   - Ian Brooks   
   - Shep Kirkbride   
   - Patrick Lee   
   - Keith Brooke   

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