Matrix, June/July 1986

Editor(s): John Harvey   
Pages: 29, A4
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #64

  I'm Leaving Now - I May Be Gone for Some Time - John Harvey   

  News - uncredited   
  Confan - uncredited   
  The Comics Page - Dave Hodson   
  Competition Corner (M63 answers; M64 competition) - Liz Sourbut   

  What Future for Matrix? - Maureen Porter   
  The 1986 BSFA Awards: First Ballot Analysis - Mike Moir   
  The 1986 BSFA Awards: Further Comment - Terry Broome   
  Billion Year Crossword Answers - Simon Walker   

Film Reviews
  An Overview of Recently Televised Speculative Fiction and a 'Look' at the Radio (The Storytellers; Candide; The Weirdsto - Terry Broome   
  Fahrenheit 451 - Phil Nichols   
  The Questor Tapes - Phil Nichols   
  Mr Pye - uncredited   
  The Weirdstone of Brisingamen - uncredited   

   - Michael Wippell   
   - Simon Walker   
   - Ken Lake   
   - Chris Bailey   
   - Tom Jones   
   - Terry Broome   
   - Iain Anderson   
   - Rob Gregg   
   - Stephen R. Ealey   
   - Simon Jewell   
   - Patrick Lee   
   - Kev McVeigh   
   - Stuart Falconer   
   - Bernard Smith   

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