Matrix, April/May 1987

Editor(s): Maureen Porter   
Pages: 24
Price: 75p
Cover: Neil Allan
Notes: #69

  Red Shift - Maureen Porter   

  Co-ordinator's Report - Paul Kincaid   
  The BSFA Profile: Mike Moir - Mike Moir   

  News - Maureen Porter  Paul Kincaid   
  Fire & Hemlock: The Fanzine Column - Maureen Porter   
  The Periodic Table - Maureen Porter   
  Store Wars - Stan Nicholls   
  Store Wars: The Paperbook Back Shop/Interstellar Master Traders - Stan Nicholls   
  Store Wars: The Doctor Who Shop - Stan Nicholls   
  The Wanderground Clubs Column - Ron Gemmell   
  The Matrix Competition - Elizabeth Sourbut   

  Micro-computers and SF - Nick Cheesman   
  Computers and Fandom - Michael J. Bernardi   
  Soapbox: Wither Charity - Paul Brazier   

Film Reviews
  Classic on Trial: The 23rd Season of Doctor Who - John Campbell Rees   
  Has the Timelord Got a Future - Rob Huxley   
  Andrei Tarkovsky: His life, his work - Philip Collins   

   - Julia Fitzgerald  Keith Timson   
   - Andy Brewer   
   - Jennifer Cobbing   
   - James Parker   
   - Tom Jones   
   - Nic Howard   
   - Andy Sawyer   
   - Joy Hibbert   
   - Patrick Lee   

   - Keith Brooke   
   - Ian Brooks   
   - Neil Allan   
   - Sean Friend   

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