Matrix, August/September 1987

Editor(s): Maureen Porter   
Pages: 28
Price: 75p
Cover: Ian Brooks
Notes: #71

  Red Shift - Maureen Porter   

  Walking on Glass: The BSFA Column - Maureen Porter   
  Competition Corner - Elizabeth Sourbut  Lee Rider   
  Fire & Hemlock: Fanzine News & Listings - Maureen Porter   
  Fire & Hemlock: Fanzine Reviews - Chuck Connor   
  The Periodic Table - Maureen Porter   
  Store Wars: (Comic Showcase; Gosh!; Vatman speak with forked tongue; Face to Face) - Stan Nicholls   

  Co-ordinator's Report - Paul Kincaid   

  News - Stan Nicholls  Paul Kincaid   

  The International Science Policy Foundation - uncredited   
  Science Fiction and Its Applications, Burgh House, London - 9 July 1987 - uncredited   
  Update on Cassandra - Elizabeth Sourbut   
  A Cynic's glossary to bookselling terms - Stan Nicholls  Maureen Porter   
  Differing Conventions: Or A Very Social Darwinism - Stanley Clear   
  Albacon Report - Mike Moir   
  Soapbox: Why I am not a FAN - Pat Gardner   

Film Reviews
  Evil Dead II - Colin Bird   
  Critters - John Feetenby   
  The Fly - Robert Matthews   
  Owl Service,The (TV) - Maureen Porter   

   - Tom Jones   
   - Kev McVeigh   
   - Paul D. Morriss   
   - Mike Gould   
   - James Parker   
   - Colin Bird   
   - Joseph Nicholas   
   - Steven Tew   
   - Lynne Bispham   
   - Terry Broome   
   - Mike Brain   
   - Ken Lake   
   - Julian R. Bills   
   - Karanna Fry   
   - John Feetenby   
   - Richmond Hunt   

   - David Griffiths   
   - Stephen Manderson   
   - Matt Brooker   
   - Neil Allan   
   - Arthur Thomson   
   - Richard McLaren   
   - Keith Brooke   

Comic Strip
  Saucer Story - Ashley Watkins   

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