Matrix, June/July 1987

Editor(s): Maureen Porter   
Pages: 24
Price: 75p
Cover: Dave Wood
Notes: #70

  Red Shift - Maureen Porter   

  News - Stan Nicholls  Paul Kincaid  Maureen Porter   
  The Periodic Table - Maureen Porter   
  Store Wars: Raiders of the Lost Archives (Fantastic Literature; Black Hill Books; Dagon Press; Fantasy Centre) - Stan Nicholls   
  Competition Corner - Elizabeth Sourbut   

  Co-ordinator's Report - Paul Kincaid   
  What the Science Fiction Foundation is all about - Edward James   
  Alien Christmas (Eastercon speech) - Terry Pratchett   
  Beccon - The Eastercon 17-19 April, Metropole, NEC, Birmingham - Valerie Housden   
  Beccon - The Eastercon - Paul Kincaid   
  Sol III - 1-4 May, Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool - Jennifer Cobbing   
  Soapbox: The Association Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike - Terry Broome   

Film Reviews
  Trancers (aka Future Cop) - Mark Ogier   
  Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - Colin Bird   
  Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - Robert Matthews   
  Hobbit,The (theatre) - Roy Gray   
  The Creature Beyond Torches Road - Patrick Lee   
  Deadly Friend - Laurence Scotford   
  Flight of the Navigator - Roy Gray   
  Crosstalk - Mark Ogier   

   - David Griffiths   
   - Arthur Thomson   
   - Matt Brooker   
   - Wil Walker   
   - Shep Kirkbride   
   - Richard McLaren   

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