Matrix, June/July 1990

Editor(s): Jenny Glover   
Pages: 24
Price: 95p
Cover: Rob Welham
Notes: #88

  Determinants - Jenny Glover   

  Walking on Glass: The BSFA Column - Maureen Porter   
  News - Paul Kincaid   
  The Periodic Table - Jim Mowatt   
  Contour Mappings - uncredited   
  Fire & Hemlock: The Fanzine Column - Nic Farey  Jenny Glover   
  Competition Corner (M87 answers, M88 competition) - Roger Robinson   
  Cry "Fanac...": Pieces of Eight - The Friendly APA - Ian Bambro   
  Media File - John Peters   
  Video Reviews - uncredited   
  Local Fanomena: Clubs Column - Keith Mitchell   
  Information Service Update - Phil Nichols   

  BSFA Financial Statement - Annual Accounts - Brett Cockrell   
  EastCon '90 Guest of Honour Speech - Iain Banks   
  Soapbox: Two Finger Exercise, or, Cathedrals of the 20th Century - Roy Gray   

Film Reviews
  Inertia Real (Theatre) - Gary M. Gibson   
  Strip Search (Comics Exhibition) - John Peters   
  The Hunt for Red October - John Peters   
  2001 - Martin Thomas   
  Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - Jessica Yates   
  Quantum Leap (TV) - Chris Bailey   
  Total Recall - Tommy Ferguson   

  James Reynolds - Arthur C. Clarke   
  subjectivity - Roger Waddington   
  Abyss;John Peters - Sherry Coldsmith   
  Chris Priest;Zelazny - Chris Bailey   
  Bailey's list;ones to avoid - John Welsh   
  M87 Federation ad - Kenneth R. Lake   
  J. J. Connington - David Langford   
  J. J. Connington - Les Hurst   
  lifts in SF - David Haggle   

   - Matthew Freestone   
   - Ian Brooks   
   - Richard McLaren   
   - Ian Gunn   
   - Steve Jeffrey   
   - Shep   

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