Paperback Inferno, August 1982

Editor(s): Joseph Nicholas   
Pages: 12, A4
Price: 15p
Notes: Volume 6, No 1, 33rd issue

  Blood on the Racks - Roy Macinski   

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
  The Golden Naginata - Jessica Amanda Salmonson   

Book Reviews by Ann Collier
  Night of Light - Philip Jose Farmer   

Book Reviews by Dorothy Davies
  Shadowline - Glen Cook   

Book Reviews by Judith Hanna
  The Science Fictional Dinosaur (Edited) - Robert Silverberg  Charles G. Waugh  Martin H. Greenberg   

Book Reviews by John Hobson
  Songs from the Stars - Norman Spinrad   

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
  The Mind Master - James Gunn   

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  The Illustrated Book of Science Fiction Lists (Edited) - Mike Ashley   
  Planets Three - Frederik Pohl   
  Roderick - John Sladek   

Book Reviews by Ray Owen
  Beyond the Blue Event Horizon - Frederik Pohl   

Book Reviews by Kevin K. Rattan
  The Borribles Go For Broke - Michael De Larrabeiti   

Book Reviews by Brian Smith
  The Malacia Tapestry - Brian W. Aldiss   
  Space, Time and Nathaniel - Brian W. Aldiss   

Book Reviews by Pascal Thomas
  The Robot Who Looked Like Me - Robert Sheckley   

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
  The Windhover Tapes: An Image of Voices - Warren Norwood   

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