Paperback Inferno, October 1982

Editor(s): Joseph Nicholas   
Pages: 14, A4
Price: 15p
Notes: Volume 6, No 2, 34th issue

  Blood on the Racks - Joseph Nicholas   

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
  Soldier Boy - Michael Shaara   

Book Reviews by Ann Collier
  The Red Magician - Lisa Goldstein   

Book Reviews by Jim England
  The Book of Dreams - Jack Vance   

Book Reviews by Judith Hanna
  The Ballad of Beta-2 - Samuel R. Delany   
  The Jewels of Aptor - Samuel R. Delany   
  The Einstein Intersection - Samuel R. Delany   
  Babel-17 - Samuel R. Delany   

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  Honeymoon in Hell - Fredric Brown   

Book Reviews by David Penn
  Oath of Fealty - Larry Niven  Jerry Pournelle   

Book Reviews by Kevin K. Rattan
  The Star Dwellers - James Blish   
  Mission to the Heart Stars - James Blish   

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
  Ecotopia Emerging - Ernest Callenbach   

Book Reviews by Brian Smith
  Direct Descent - Frank Herbert   

Book Reviews by Pascal Thomas
  Nebula Winners Fourteen (Edited) - Frederik Pohl   

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
  Exiles at the Well of Souls - Jack L. Chalker   

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