Paperback Inferno, August 1984

Editor(s): Joseph Nicholas   
Pages: 16, A4
Price: 15p
Notes: #49, 45th issue

  Blood on the Racks - Chris Bailey   

   - Chris Bailey   
   - Mary Gentle   
   - Gene Wolfe   
   - Sue Thomason   
   - Jack Stephen   
   - Judith Hanna   
   - Philip Collins   

   - Judith Hanna   

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
  Fire in the Abyss - Stuart Gordon   

Book Reviews by Jeremy Crampton
  The Robert Sheckley Omnibus - Robert Sheckley   

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
  Darkchild - Sydney J. Van Scyoc   

Book Reviews by Helen McNabb
  The Pride of Chanur - C. J. Cherryh   

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  First Strike! The Pentagon's Strategy for Nuclear War - Robert Aldridge   
  War Plan UK - Duncan Campbell   
  The Death of Deterrence - Malcolm Dando  Paul Rogers   
  The Russian Threat: Its Myths and Realities - Jim Garrison  Pyare Shivpuri   
  The Baroque Arsenal - Mary Kaldor   
  The Weird of the White Wolf - Michael Moorcock   
  The Bane of the Black Sword - Michael Moorcock   
  SIOP - Peter Pringle  William Arkin   

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
  Rebel in Time - Harry Harrison   
  The Big Wheel - William Rollo   

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
  Fantasists on Fantasy (Edited) - Robert H. Boyer  Kenneth J. Zahorski   

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