Paperback Inferno, April 1985

Editor(s): Joseph Nicholas   
Pages: 16, A4
Price: 15p
Notes: #53, 49th issue

  The Fair Hanging - Martyn Taylor   

  Special Announcement - Joseph Nicholas   

   - Alan Lloyd   
   - Chris Bailey   
   - David Barrett   

   - Judith Hanna   

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
  The Dumarest Companion - David Langford  Rog Peyton   
  Lord of Darkness - Robert Silverberg   

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
  Lazarus 9 - Arnold Hagan   

Book Reviews by Judith Hanna
  Champions of the Sidhe - Kenneth Flint   
  Black Water: The Anthology of the Fantastic (Edited) - Alberto Manguel   

Book Reviews by Edward James
  Broken Symmetries - Paul Preuss   

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  By-Ways on the Shining Path - Carlos Orfila Nunez   

Book Reviews by David Langford
  Masters of Inworld - C. C. Burette   
  Green Eyes - Lucius Shepard   

Book Reviews by Helen McNabb
  Dragon Hunt Through Avalon - Stuart Mallory   
  Eye of Cat - Roger Zelazny   

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  Quarreling, They Met the Dragon - Sharon Baker   
  H. P. Lovecraft Omnibus 1: At the Mountains of Madness - H. P. Lovecraft   
  Dinosaur Planet 2: The Survivors - Anne McCaffrey   
  The Golden barge - Michael Moorcock   
  The Furies - Keith Roberts   
  Null-A Three - A. E. van Vogt   

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
  The Horatio Stubbs Saga - Brian W. Aldiss   
  The Shriek of Divinity - Bogstandardovich Mub   
  The Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett   

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
  Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died - Harry Harrison  Leon Stover   

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