Paperback Parlour, August 1977

Editor(s): Phil Stephensen-Payne   
Pages: 8, A4
Price: 10p
Notes: Volume 1, No 4

   - Phil Stephensen-Payne   

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
  Squares of the City - John Brunner   
  Lord of No Time - Louise Cooper   
  Three-Eyes - Stuart Gordon   
  The Pursuit of Destiny - Muriel Bruce Hasbrouck   
  How to Test and Develop your E.S.P. - Paul Huson   
  The Mind of Mr. Soames - Charles Eric Maine   
  Sun Sign Success - Joseph Polansky   
  Grimus - Salman Rushdie   

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
  Brainwave - Poul Anderson   
  Hadon of Ancient Opar - Philip Jose Farmer   
  Overlay - Barry Malzberg   
  Bloodstone - Karl Edward Wagner   

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  Farewell, Fantastic Venus! (Edited) - Brian W. Aldiss  Harry Harrison   
  Buy Jupiter - Isaac Asimov   
  The Planet That Wasn't - Isaac Asimov   
  Starburst - Alfred Bester   
  Catchworld - Chris Boyce   
  Machineries of Joy - Ray Bradbury   
  The Sheep Look Up - John Brunner   
  Perry Rhodan 24: Infinite Flight - Clark Darlton   
  Perry Rhodan 25: Snowman in Flames - Clark Darlton   
  Counter-Clock World - Philip K. Dick   
  The Simulacra - Philip K. Dick   
  The Turning Wheel and Other Stories - Philip K. Dick   
  We Can Build You - Philip K. Dick   
  Nightmare Blue - Gardner Dozois  George Alec Effinger   
  Continuum 4 (Edited) - Roger Elwood   
  The Ringway Virus - Russell Foreman   
  The Clockwork Traitor - Stephen Goldin  E. E. "Doc" Smith   
  Gadget Man - Ron Goulart   
  Beyond Tomorrow (Edited) - Lee Harding   
  The Book of Frank Herbert - Frank Herbert   
  The Survivor - James Herbert   
  The Robert E. Howard Omnibus - Robert E. Howard   
  Son of the White Wolf - Robert E. Howard   
  The Sowers of the Thunder - Robert E. Howard   
  Three-Bladed Doom - Robert E. Howard   
  Q: Seeking the Mythical Future - Trevor Hoyle   
  The Tomb from Beyond - Carl Jacobi   
  Shipwreck - Charles Logan   
  A Biography of Bram Stoker - Harry Ludlan   
  The Sailor on the Seas of Fate - Michael Moorcock   
  The Sleeping Sorceress - Michael Moorcock   
  Flash Gordon 1: The Lion Men of Mongo - Alex Raymond  Con Steffanson   
  Flash Gordon 2: The Plague of Sound - Alex Raymond  Con Steffanson   
  To Live Again - Robert Silverberg   
  Tower of Glass - Robert Silverberg   
  The Star Trek Concordance - Bjo Trimble   
  Jondelle - E. C. Tubb   
  Mayenne - E. C. Tubb   
  Andromeda 2 (Edited) - Peter Weston   
  One Against the Legion - Jack Williamson   
  Men of Mystery (Edited) - Colin Wilson   

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