Paperback Parlour, February 1977

Editor(s): Phil Stephensen-Payne   
Pages: 8, A4
Price: 10p
Notes: Volume 1, No 1

   - Phil Stephensen-Payne   

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
  Spock: Messiah - Theodore Cogswell  Charles Spano   
  Twilight of Briareus - Richard Cowper   
  Star Trek Log 5 - Alan Dean Foster   
  Way Station - Clifford D. Simak   
  Case and the Dreamer - Theodore Sturgeon   
  Nebula Award Stories 9 (Edited) - Kate Wilhelm   

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
  Conquest of the Amazon - John Russell Fearn   

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  Galactic Empires 1 (Edited) - Brian W. Aldiss   
  Galactic Empires 2 (Edited) - Brian W. Aldiss   
  Hell's Cartographers (Edited) - Brian W. Aldiss  Harry Harrison   
  Tales of the Black Widowers - Isaac Asimov   
  Today and Tomorrow - Isaac Asimov   
  Doctor Mirabilis - James Blish   
  The Eternal Savage - Edgar Rice Burroughs   
  The Land of Hidden Men - Edgar Rice Burroughs   
  Swampworld West - Parry A. Chapdelaine   
  Science Fiction Art - Lester del Rey   
  Lifeboat - Gordon R. Dickson  Harry Harrison   
  Steeleye - Waterspace - Saul Dunn   
  New Lensman - William B. Ellern   
  The Stone God Awakens - Philip Jose Farmer   
  Synaptic Manhunt - Mick Farren   
  Strangler's Moon - Stephen Goldin  E. E. "Doc" Smith   
  The Joy Makers - James Gunn   
  The Best of Harry Harrison - Harry Harrison   
  Tolkien's World - Randal Helms   
  Victorian Tales of Terror (Edited) - Hugh Lamb   
  Hiero's Journey - Sterling E. Lanier   
  The Green Millennium - Fritz Leiber   
  The Best of Murray Leinster (Edited by Brian Davis) - Murray Leinster   
  The Cyberiad - Stanislaw Lem   
  The Futurological Congress - Stanislaw Lem   
  2018 A.D. or, The King Kong Blues - Sam Lundwall   
  Casey Agonistes and Other SF and Fantasy Stories - Richard McKenna   
  Before Armageddon - Michael Moorcock   
  Davy - Edgar Pangborn   
  The Company of Glory - Edgar Pangborn   
  West of the Sun - Edgar Pangborn   
  The Best of Frederik Pohl (Edited by Lester del Rey) - Frederik Pohl   
  In the Problem Pit - Frederik Pohl   
  Science Fiction Discoveries (Edited) - Frederik Pohl  Carol Pohl   
  The Mote in God's Eye - Larry Niven  Jerry Pournelle   
  The Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov - Joseph Patrouch   
  Caution! Inflammable! - Thomas N. Scortia   
  The Eve of Midsummer - Jack D. Shackleford   
  Ground Zero Man - Bob Shaw   
  Options - Robert Sheckley   
  Born with the Dead - Robert Silverberg   
  Will-o-the-Wisp - Thomas Burnett Swann   
  The Vampire's Bedside Companion (Edited) - Peter Underwood   
  Wampeters Foma & Granfalloons - Kurt Vonnegut   
  Andromeda 1 (Edited) - Peter Weston   

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