Paperback Parlour, June 1977

Editor(s): Phil Stephensen-Payne   
Pages: 8, A4
Price: 10p
Notes: Volume 1, No 3

   - Phil Stephensen-Payne   

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
  Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury   
  Star Maidens - Ian Evans   
  Two-Eyes - Stuart Gordon   
  Letters to Star Trek (Edited) - Susan Sackett   
  Survival - Martin Sherwood   
  Time and Again - Clifford D. Simak   
  Fade-Out - Patrick Tilley   

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
  Space 1999: the Space-Jackers - Michael Butterworth   
  Brothers of Earth - C. J. Cherryh   
  Gate of Ivrel - C. J. Cherryh   
  The King of Elfland's Daughter - Lord Dunsany   
  The Birthgrave - Tanith Lee   
  Big Planet - Jack Vance   
  Showboat World - Jack Vance   

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future - Angus P. Allan   
  The Queen of Air and Darkness and Other Stories - Poul Anderson   
  The History of the Science Fiction Magazine: Part 1 1926-1935 - Michael Ashley   
  SF Choice 77 (Edited) - Mike Ashley   
  Towards Tomorrow - Isaac Asimov   
  The Best Science Fiction of J. G. Ballard - J. G. Ballard   
  High-Rise - J. G. Ballard   
  Soul of a Robot - Barrington J. Bayley   
  Space 1999: the Psychomorph - Michael Butterworth   
  Imperial Earth - Arthur C. Clarke   
  Charisma - Michael G. Coney   
  Again, Dangerous Visions Volume 1 (Edited) - Harlan Ellison   
  Again, Dangerous Visions Volume 2 (Edited) - Harlan Ellison   
  Vampirella 3: Deadwalk - Ron Goulart   
  Marchers of Valhalla - Robert E. Howard   
  Revelations in Black - Carl Jacobi   
  Best of C. M. Kornbluth,The (Edited by Frederik Pohl) - C. M. Kornbluth   
  Fourth Mansions - R. A. Lafferty   
  A Plague of Demons - Keith Laumer   
  The Dispossessed - Ursula K. Le Guin   
  The Thrice-Born - Andrew Lester   
  The Strange Invaders - Alun Llewellyn   
  Perry Rhodan 22: The Fleet of the Springers - Kurt Mahr   
  This is the Way the World Begins - J. T. McIntosh   
  Merlin's Godson - H. Warner Munn   
  The Cross of Frankenstein - Robert J. Myers   
  A Mirror for Observers - Edgar Pangborn   
  Savage Heroes (Edited) - Eric Pendragon   
  The Man in the Maze - Robert Silverberg   
  The Masks of Time - Robert Silverberg   
  Thorns - Robert Silverberg   
  Day of the Minotaur - Thomas Burnett Swann   
  The Jonah Kit - Ian Watson   
  The Cometeers - Jack Williamson   

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