Paperback Parlour, October 1977

Editor(s): Phil Stephensen-Payne   
Pages: 6, A4
Price: 10p
Notes: Volume 1, No 5

   - Phil Stephensen-Payne   

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
  The Doomfarers of Coramonde - Brian Daley   
  The Ballad of Beta-2 & Empire Star - Samuel R. Delany   
  The Jewels of Aptor - Samuel R. Delany   
  The Well at the World's End - William Morris   
  Interview with the Vampire - Anne Rice   
  Enchanted Pilgrimage - Clifford D. Simak   

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
  The Dancer from Atlantis - Poul Anderson   
  Virgin Planet - Poul Anderson   
  The Worm Ourobouros - E. R. Eddison   

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  Rings of Ice - Piers Anthony   
  Authorised Murder - Isaac Asimov   
  The Cave Girl - Edgar Rice Burroughs   
  The Lost Continent - Edgar Rice Burroughs   
  The People That Time Forgot - Edgar Rice Burroughs   
  Queens of Deliria - Michael Butterworth   
  Space 1999: The Time Fighters - Michael Butterworth   
  Berserker 1: Shadow of the Wolf - Chris Carlsen   
  The Hab Theory - Allan W. Eckert   
  Mindbridge - Joe Haldeman   
  Queen Victoria's Revenge - Harry Harrison   
  Eye Among the Blind - Robert Holdstock   
  The Seeking Sword - Jaan Kangilaski   
  Manalone - Colin Kapp   
  Perry Rhodan 27: Planet of the Gods - Kurt Mahr   
  The End of All Songs - Michael Moorcock   
  Sojan - Michael Moorcock   
  Sword of the Gael - Andrew J. Offutt   
  Flash Gordon 3: The Space Circus - Alex Raymond  Con Steffanson   
  Those Who Watch - Robert Silverberg   
  Nightwatch - Andrew M. Stephenson   
  Mission to the Stars - A. E. van Vogt   
  The Universe Maker - A. E. van Vogt   
  The Legion of Time - Jack Williamson   
  The Secret People - John Wyndham   
  Sleepers of Mars - John Wyndham   
  Stowaway to Mars - John Wyndham   
  Wanderers of Time - John Wyndham   

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