Paperback Parlour, February 1979

Editor(s): Phil Stephensen-Payne   
Pages: 6, A4
Price: 10p
Notes: Volume 3, No 1, 13th issue

   - Phil Stephensen-Payne   

Book Reviews by Charles Brenchley
  Star Trek Fotonovel 10: Day of the Dove - Jerome Bixby   
  Star Trek Fotonovel 9: Devil in the Dark - Gene L. Coon   
  The Starless World - Gordon Eklund   
  Across a Billion Years - Robert Silverberg   
  Vulcan - Kathleen Sky   

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
  Up the Line - Robert Silverberg   
  All Flesh is Grass - Clifford D. Simak   

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
  The Iron Sun - Adrian Berry   
  Witherwing - David Jarrett   

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  Phthor - Piers Anthony   
  The Heavenly Host - Isaac Asimov   
  The Disaster Area - J. G. Ballard   
  The Night Shapes - James Blish   
  Long After Midnight - Ray Bradbury   
  The Jagged Orbit - John Brunner   
  The View from Serendip - Arthur C. Clarke   
  A Scanner Darkly - Philip K. Dick   
  21st Century Foss - Chris Foss   
  The Ultimate Threshold - Mirra Ginsburg   
  The Dead Remember - Robert E. Howard   
  Indoctrinaire - Christopher Priest   
  Shadow of Heaven - Bob Shaw   
  Who Goes Here? - Bob Shaw   
  Master of Life and Death - Robert Silverberg   
  Invaders from Earth - Robert Silverberg   
  Needle in a Timestack - Robert Silverberg   
  Downward to the Earth - Robert Silverberg   
  Capricorn Games - Robert Silverberg   
  Nebula Maker - Olaf Stapledon   
  The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights - John Steinbeck   
  Eloise - E. C. Tubb   
  Eye of the Zodiac - E. C. Tubb   

Book Reviews by Corum Yates
  The Ancient Magic of the Pyramids - Ken Johnson   

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