Paperback Parlour, October 1979

Editor(s): Joseph Nicholas   
Pages: 12, A4
Notes: No 16, Volume 3, No. 2 (again), 16th issue

  Sleeve Notes - Rob Hansen   

Book Reviews by Alan Dorey
  In Solitary - Garry Kilworth   
  Rule Golden - Damon Knight   
  Wonderworlds - William F. Nolan   
  Alien Embassy - Ian Watson   

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  Roadside Picnic - Arkadi Strugatsky  Boris Strugatsky   

Book Reviews by David Langford
  Study War No More (Edited) - Joe Haldeman   
  The Swords of Lankhmar - Fritz Leiber   
  Swords and Ice Magic - Fritz Leiber   
  Hot Rain - Harold N. Portnoy   

Book Reviews by Ian Maule
  Hunters of the Red Moon - Marion Zimmer Bradley   
  Starmaster's Gambit - Gerard Klein   

Book Reviews by Janice Maule
  The Fate of the Phoenix - Sondra Marshak  Myrna Culbreath   
  Car Sinister (Edited) - Robert Silverberg  Martin H. Greenberg  Joseph D. Olander   

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams   
  Brothers of the Head - Brian W. Aldiss   
  Last Orders - Brian W. Aldiss   
  The Source of Magic - Piers Anthony   
  Nightmares and Geezenstacks - Fredric Brown   
  The Lavalite World - Philip Jose Farmer   
  The Panchronicon Plot - Ron Goulart   
  The Earth Again Redeemed - Martin Green   
  The Third World War - Sir John Hackett   
  Lifecloud - Fred Hoyle  Chandra Wickramasinghe   
  Morlock Night - K. W. Jeter   
  Raven 5: A Time of Dying - Richard Kirk   
  Dreamsnake - Vonda N. McIntyre   
  Legends from the End of Time - Michael Moorcock   
  The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series VI (Edited) - Gerald W. Page   
  The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series VII (Edited) - Gerald W. Page   
  Alternating Currents - Frederik Pohl   
  The Man Who Ate the World - Frederik Pohl   
  Survival Kit - Frederik Pohl   
  The Instrumentality of Mankind - Cordwainer Smith   
  Wildeblood's Empire - Brian M. Stableford   
  The Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham   
  The Chrysalids - John Wyndham   
  The Midwich Cuckoos - John Wyndham   
  The Trouble with Lichen - John Wyndham   

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