Paperback Parlour, February 1980

Editor(s): Joseph Nicholas   
Pages: 8, A4
Notes: No 18, Volume 3, No. 4, 18th issue

Book Reviews by Alan Dorey
  Time After Time - Karl Alexander   

Book Reviews by Ian Maule
  Earth Cult - Trevor Hoyle   

Book Reviews by Janice Maule
  A Dead God Dancing - Ann Maxwell   

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  The Light That Never Was - Lloyd Biggle, Jr   
  Han Solo at Star's End - Brian Daley   
  Han Solo's Revenge - Brian Daley   
  SS-GB - Len Deighton   
  A Handful of Darkness - Philip K. Dick   
  The Black Lion - Lionel Fanthorpe  Patricia Fanthorpe   
  Bill, the Galactic Hero - Harry Harrison   
  Carnacki the Ghost-Finder - William Hope Hodgson   
  Clash By Night - Henry Kuttner   
  Earthblood - Keith Laumer  Rosel George Brown   
  The Word for World is Forest - Ursula K. Le Guin   
  The Traps of Time (Edited) - Michael Moorcock   
  A Sea of Space (Edited) - William F. Nolan   
  Anticipations (Edited) - Christopher Priest   
  The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley - Robert Sheckley   
  The Feast of St. Dionysus - Robert Silverberg   
  Slaves of the Klau - Jack Vance   
  Miracle Visitors - Ian Watson   
  The Water Margin - David Weir   
  Chocky - John Wyndham   
  The Outward Urge - John Wyndham   

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