That Cosmological Feeling: An Interview with Stephen Baxter - Stephen Baxter    by uncredited
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  Stephen Baxter's Xeelee Cycle: No Coming Home - Jonathan McCalmont   
  The Settee and the Stars: Stephen Baxter and the Dilemma of Scale - Gary K. Wolfe   
  An Atomic Theory of Baxter's Fiction - Adam Roberts   
  Three Colours NASA: Reflections on Stephen Baxter's 'NASA' Trilogy - Simon Bradshaw   
  Putting the Past into the Future: The Time's Tapestry Sequence - Tony Keen   
  Baxter's People - Niall Harrison   
  Giant Killer Rodents in Space Armour, With Guns: the other side of Stephen Baxter - Graham Sleight   

  Foundation's Favourites: Stone Spring, by Stephen Baxter - Andy Sawyer   
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