Vector, Autumn 1958

Editor(s): Terry Jeeves   
Pages: 37, quarto
Price: ?p
Cover: J. Wilson
Notes: #2

   - Terry Jeeves   

  South of the Border - G. W. Locke   
  I Fought the Deadly Shade - H. K. Bulmer   
  The B.S.F.A. Library List Supplement No. 1 - P. H. Mabey   
  The American Magazines (Galaxy October 1958; Astounding September, October 1958; Venture July 1958) - Terry Jeeves   
  The British Magazines (New Worlds 73, 74, 75; Nebula 31, 32, 33) - Roberta Wild   

  File Thirteen - Eric Bentcliffe   
  Treasurer's Report - Archie Mercer   
  General Chuntering - Ken F. Slater   
  Did You Know That ... ? - Terry Jeeves   

   - James Groves   
   - Arthur Weir   
   - Dennis Tucker   

Book Reviews by John D. Roles
  No Man Friday - Rex Gordon   
  Double Star - Robert A. Heinlein   
  Timeliner - Charles Eric Maine   
  The Dreamers - Roger Manvell   

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