Vector, Summer 1958

Editor(s): E. C. Tubb   
Pages: 42, quarto
Price: ?p
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #1

   - E. C. Tubb   

  Handbook for Beginners - E. C. Tubb   
  No Need for Cramp - D. Buckmaster   
  This Question of Characterisation - L. Sandfield   
  The American Magazines (Galaxy June, July 1958; Astounding April, May 1958; Venture March 1958) - Terry Jeeves   
  The British Magazines (New Worlds 70, 71, 72; Nebula 28, 29, 30; Science Fantasy 28, 29) - Roberta Wild   

  News and Views - E. C. Tubb   

Film Reviews
  Blazing a Trail to the Stars - J. Ratigan   

   - Terry Jeeves   

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