Vector, Winter 1958

Editor(s): Terry Jeeves   
Pages: 40, quarto
Price: ?p
Notes: #3

  Are You Dead? - Terry Jeeves   

  Point of View - K. T. McIntyre   
  The Knife - A. R. Weir   
  Knife - E. C. Tubb   

  Gerfandom - Rainer Eisfeld   
  The American Magazines (Galaxy February 1959; Astounding ? 1958) - Terry Jeeves   
  The British Magazines (New Worlds 77, 78; Nebula 35, 36; Science Fantasy 32) - Roberta Wild   
  Bow Bells - H. Ken Bulmer   
  Psionics: A Brief Report - Eric Jones   
  Western Approaches - Eric Jones   
  How Green Was My Notion - Dr. A. R. Weir, DSc   

  The Secretarial File 13 - Eric Bentcliffe   
  General Chuntering - Ken F. Slater   
  Treasurer's Report - Archie Mercer   
  The Glass Bushel (from Hyphen 20) - Bob Shaw   

Film Reviews
  It! The Thing from Outer Space; The Curse of the Faceless Man - E. C. Tubb   

   - L. J. Tapper   
   - S. Birchby   
   - Ethel Lindsay   
   - Dr. A. R. Weir, DSc   
   - E. C. Tubb   
   - J. P. Patrizio   
   - M. J. Harrington   

Book Reviews by Terry Jeeves
  The Isotope Man - Charles Eric Maine   

Book Reviews by Dr. A. R. Weir, DSc
  Supernatural Stories No. 20 - uncredited   
  The Quest of the Seeker - J. Elton   

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