Vector, Autumn 1959

Editor(s): Roberta Wild  Michael Moorcock  Sandra Hall  George Lock   
Pages: 40, quarto
Price: ?p
Notes: #5

   - Roberta Wild   

  Cheltenham Safari - Ivor Mayne   
  SF for Junior - Michael Moorcock   
  Confab - Bob Richardson   
  Review of Astounding May 59, June 59 & July 59, Galaxy June 59 & August 59 - Terry Jeeves   

Film Reviews
  The World, the Flesh and the Devil - Michael Moorcock   

  File 13 1/2 - Arthur D. Weir   
  New Members/CoA's - A. H. Mercer   
  Treasurer's Report - A. H. Mercer   
  General Chuntering - Ken F. Slater   

   - Mary Munro   
   - Arthur 'Doc' Weir   
   - Rainer Eisfeld   
   - Ian R. M. McAulay   
   - Peter Singleton   

Book Reviews by Arthur D. Weir
  The Other Side of the Sky - Arthur C. Clarke   

Book Reviews by Sandra Hall
  Chain Reaction - C. Hodder-Williams   
  Count Down - Charles Eric Maine   

Book Reviews by Michael Moorcock
  A Case of Conscience - James Blish   

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