Vector, June 1960

Editor(s): Jim Groves   
Pages: 38, quarto
Price: ?p
Cover: Atom
Notes: #8

   - Jim Groves   

  Secretary's Report - Ella Parker   
  Treasurer's Report - Archie Mercer   
  Library Notes - Peter Mabey   
  Hokum Maybe? - Brian W. Aldiss   
  Architect of the Extraordinary: The Work of Mervyn Peake - Michael Moorcock   

  For Your Information - Jim Groves   
  General Chunterings - Ken F. Slater   

  Players of the Lens - Iain MacIain   

   - Brian Jordan   
   - Chris Miller   
   - Ken Cheslin   
   - Arthur Weir   
   - John King   
   - Fred Hunter   
   - Peter Mabey   
   - Kenneth Hoare   
   - Joe Patrizio   
   - John Challoner   

Book Reviews by Joy K. Clarke
  The True Book of Space - Kenneth Johns   
  The Fantastic Universe Omnibus (Edited) - Hans Santesson   
  Bright Phoenix - Harold Mead   

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