Vector, September 1960

Editor(s): Jim Groves   
Pages: 46, quarto
Price: ?p
Notes: #9

   - Jim Groves   

   - Joe Patrizio   

  A Self Rewarding Pastime - Arthur D. Weir   
  Review of New Worlds 95-98 - Arthur D. Weir   
  Review of Science Fiction Adventures 15 & 16 - Jim Groves   
  Review of Science Fantasy 41 & 42 - Arthur D. Weir   

  Secretary's Report - Ella Parker   
  General Chunterings - Ken F. Slater   
  Treasurer's Report - A. H. Mercer   

  Travel by Wire (reprint from Amateur Science Stories Dec 1937) - Arthur C. Clarke   

Book Reviews by John T. Phillifent
  Beyond the Planet Earth (trans Kenneth Syers) - Konstantin Tsiolkovsky   
  No Place on Earth - Louis Charbonneau   

Book Reviews by Arthur D. Weir
  Challenge of the Space Ship - Arthur C. Clarke   
  From the Earth to the Moon - Jules Verne   

Book Reviews by Jim Groves
  Asteroid Man - R. L. Fanthorpe   

Book Reviews by Tom Heatley
  Hydrosphere - A. J. Merak   
  Out of the Darkness - R. L. Fanthorpe   
  Star of Life - Edmond Hamilton   

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