Vector, December 1963

Editor(s): Archie Mercer   
Pages: 20, quarto
Price: ?p
Cover: Eddie Jones
Notes: #23

   - Archie Mercer   

  March of the Mutants - Philip Harbottle   
  Nova Publications - A Statement - E. J. Carnell   
  Fanzine Reviews (Point of View #2, Zenith #2) - Archie Mercer   

  Now What Seems to be the Trouble? - "Dr. Peristyle"   

  Through Hyperspace and Overtime with Bernard Bodfold, Jr #2 - C. P. McKenzie   
  SF Writers Anonymous - Helstar   

   - Philip Harbottle   
   - Charles Platt   
   - Moira Read   
   - Terry Bull   
   - Tom Walker   
   - Donald Malcolm   
   - C. M. Priest   

Book Reviews by Edward C. Sterne
  Stealer of Souls - Michael Moorcock   
  Hell Hath Fury (Edited) - George Hay   

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