Vector, July 1964

Editor(s): Rog Peyton   
Pages: 40, quarto
Price: ?p
Notes: #27

  On 'First Contacts' - Dave Busby   
  Films and Fandom - Bert Lewis   

  For Your Information - Jim Groves   
  General Chunterings - Ken F. Slater   
  Now What Seems to be the Trouble? - "Dr. Peristyle"   

   - Jim Grant   
   - Graham M. Hall   
   - Jim England   
   - Peter Singleton   
   - Terry Pratchett   
   - Charles Platt   
   - Archie Mercer   
   - Harry Harrison   
   - Dave Busby   
   - Philip Harbottle   

Film Reviews
  The Visual Side of Things - Vic Hallett   

Book Reviews by Paul Richardson
  The Counterfeit Man - Alan E. Nourse   

Book Reviews by Ian McAulay
  Cycle of Fire - Hal Clement   
  In Deep - Damon Knight   

Book Reviews by Terry Jeeves
  Cardinal of the Stars - Francis G. Rayer   

Book Reviews by Jim Groves
  A Scent of New-Mown Hay - John Blackburn   

Book Reviews by Beryl Henley
  When the Whites Went - Robert Bateman   

Book Reviews by Michael Turner
  The Martian Way - Isaac Asimov   

Book Reviews by Graham Hall
  Gunner Cade - Cyril Judd   
  The Colour Out of Space - H. P. Lovecraft   

Book Reviews by Donald Malcolm
  Counterfeit World - Daniel F. Galouye   

Book Reviews by Charles Platt
  Twilight World - Poul Anderson   

Book Reviews by W. T. Webb
  Far Stars - Eric Frank Russell   

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