Vector, May 1964

Editor(s): Rog Peyton   
Pages: 36, quarto
Price: ?p
Notes: #26

   - Rog Peyton   

  RepeterCon '64 - Jim Groves   
  U.F.O.'s - a case is put - Dick Howett   

  Now What Seems to be the Trouble? - "Dr. Peristyle"   
  For Your Information - Jim Groves   
  Book and Magazine News - Rog Peyton   

  Magic Moments in SF 3 - Philip Harbottle   

   - Ron Bennett   
   - Jim England   
   - Charles Platt   
   - Dick Howett   
   - Graham M. Hall   

Book Reviews by Donald Malcolm
  The Deep Reaches of Space - A. Bertram Chandler   

Book Reviews by Ron Bennett
  Moon Base - E. C. Tubb   

Book Reviews by A. H. Mercer
  Doctor Mirabilis - James Blish   

Book Reviews by Beryl Henley
  The End of Eternity - Isaac Asimov   
  The Stars Like Dust - Isaac Asimov   

Book Reviews by Pete Weston
  The Naked Sun - Isaac Asimov   

Book Reviews by Graham Hall
  All the Colours of Darkness - Lloyd Biggle, Jr   

Book Reviews by Iain McAulay
  BASRA Journal Vol 1 No 7 - uncredited   

Book Reviews by Rog Peyton
  E. C. Tubb - An Evaluation - Philip Harbottle   

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