Vector, Autumn 1966

Editor(s): Steve Oakey   
Pages: 36, half foolscap
Price: ?p
Notes: #40, undated

   - Steve Oakey   

  Reign of Ballardry, The - Waldemar Kumming   
  GerFandom - An International Contacts Dept Report - Thomas Schluck   
  Review of Impulse 2, 3 & New Worlds 161, 162 - Chris Priest  Graham Hall   

  Behind the Scenes (as by Malcolm Edwards) - Peter Weston   
  For Your Information - Rog Peyton   
  General Chuntering - Ken F. Slater   

Book Reviews by W. T. Webb
  Time Transfer - Arthur Sellings   

Book Reviews by Chris Priest
  The Richest Corpse in Show business - Dan Morgan   
  The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch - Philip K. Dick   

Book Reviews by R. L. Laslett
  All Flesh is Grass - Clifford D. Simak   

Book Reviews by Vic Hallett
  Alternating Currents - Frederik Pohl   
  A Mirror for Observers - Edgar Pangborn   
  Gunner Cade - Cyril Judd   

Book Reviews by uncredited
  Checklist of SF Paperbacks in Print in Jan 1966 - uncredited   

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