Vector, January 1966

Editor(s): Rog Peyton   
Pages: 36, half foolscap
Price: ?p
Notes: #37

  Economics of SF, The - John Brunner   
  East versus West in SF - R. Haldricks   
  Review of Science Fantasy 79 & New Worlds 157 - Chris Priest   

  General Chuntering - Ken F. Slater   
  The Visual Side - Vic Hallett   
  Four Your Information - Jim Groves   

   - James R. Goodrich   
   - Chris Cook   
   - Adrian Cook   
   - William Aitken   
   - John E. Derry   
   - Don Smith   

Book Reviews by Harry Harrison
  Of Worlds Beyond (Edited) - Lloyd Arthur Eshbach   

Book Reviews by Donald Malcolm
  The Long Result - John Brunner   

Book Reviews by Terry Jeeves
  Mission to the Heart Stars - James Blish   

Book Reviews by George Locke
  Bill, the Galactic Hero - Harry Harrison   

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